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The most dependable SMTP service for your business

If you've been using a laptop, tablet, BlackBerry, iPhone or Android device for at least a few years and if you're constantly traveling or if you often have to be away from your home or office, it's usually easy to get your emails in your inbox.

But the problem isn't getting them, it's replying to them! And there's one reason this is happening. ISPs (internet service providers) today don't mind if you use their SMTP servers to respond to your messages.

But the real issue here is that it forces you to be connected to that single ISP, since you're a customer of that provider and their system will authorize you as a user to send mail.

As you probably know by now, there are many hundreds of ISPs (sometimes they are numbered in the thousands) in most developed countries. And making matters even worse, their SMTP servers are almost all configured differently.

Say you're stopped at a restaurant, internet café or 'Hotspot Zone' in a different city and you need to check your emails using their WiFi connection. No problem there.

You'll get all your emails in your inbox, but unless it's the same ISP your laptop or smartphone is configured to (that's highly unlikely), you won't be able to reply to any of your messages since different ISPs all have different SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) servers.

They all have specific configurations that can vary a lot from one SMTP to the next. This isn't done on purpose, it's simply how ISPs work today, and it can make the life of any traveler really miserable if not addressed with a reliable solution.

Port 587 has the unique solution to that issue. It's called a Universal SMTP server. Think of it as your own personal SMTP server that's always there for you.

Our SMTP service is fully guaranteed to work on any standard internet connection, even an old and antiquated dialup connection or we will refund you ALL your money back, no questions asked! Here's how our Universal SMTP service works.

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